Every Detail About Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox's Relationship

Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly’s First Breakup Rumors In Style

Actress Megan Fox and her fellow musician Machine Gun Kelly are in the news after strong rumors of an alleged breakup between them.

Fans suspected that something strange was happening in their relationship as they have not been seen together in some awkward position in a long time as they usually share many public projects, outings and events. However, this week the couple decided to show themselves together again and also clarify what the true status of the relationship is.

Apparently, this was a misunderstanding and false speculation by social network users, as the celebrities were caught earlier this week in the middle of a romantic date in which they met for lunch. They were seen hugging each other during a walk in Brentwood, California.

Another source! News watching this scene clearly assured that the actress and singer seemed to be quite in love. He wrapped his hand around the actress’s waist while he too grabbed her by the waist to follow along. “Megan Fox and MGK arrived at the Creation restaurant together. On their way out, MGK put her hand around Megan as they left,” said the witness. The scene was captured by the many paparazzi in the area .

Fox wore a casual outfit made of blue: a top and biker shorts, as well as a long shirt in the same tone. She paired it with a blue plush hat with pink tints and simple jewellery, while in the shoes she wore white tennis shoes which made her look quite youthful and casual. His black hair was not disappearing from his outfit.

For his part, the musician used a lot of clothing in his style: a very colorful and close-fitting T-shirt, paired with light and straight pants. Like the actress Transformer and according to her style, she used white shoes.

With this “new look” they made it clear that they were better than ever and that the breakup rumors were nothing more than that. Also, during a concert given by MGK in Cleveland last August 14, and which Megan could not attend, he referred to her as his wife.

“I talked to my wife before I went on stage tonight. , She said ‘When you’re on stage, you’re where you like to be. Don’t think about anything, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. They all came to see you, so just give them a chance,” Kelly explained, pausing to speak to the audience.

But this isn’t the first time he’s referred to her in this way. It should be remembered that in the middle of the performance she dedicated her new song “Twin Flames” to her and “their unborn child” at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards.

When they plan to get married, about the same source AND! He assured that though this step is in their plans, but they will not be in a hurry to take it. Megan and MGK are in no hurry to get married. But they have already started participating in the planning process. They would love to get married next year if they can finalize all the details by then. They do not have a fixed timetable,” the source assured a few months back.

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